Sunday, October 06, 2013


Here it is; right now.  Think about it and you miss it. - Hang Po
This is a great quote from Chinese Zen master Huang Po.
Huángbò Xīyùn (simplified Chinese: 黄檗希运; traditional Chinese: 黄檗希運; Wade–Giles: Huang-po Hsi-yün; literally "Xiyun of Mt. Huangbo", Japanese: Ōbaku Kiun) (died 850) was an influential Chinese master of Zen Buddhism during the Tang Dynasty
To me it really speaks to "Suchness". When discussing the concepts of Suchness and Tao, Sifu often says "suchness is; just like this..." or "as it is and not otherwise."

I believe what Huang Po is saying here, is that when thinking discursively about what ever is happening now, we layer and filter the experience through the concepts that are attached by default to all the labels we apply and the mental feeling of "like, dislike and don't know".

After one of my regular classes here in Tempe, AZ, I was explaining (to the best of my ability) about this same topic.  We could here the cicadas buzzing in the trees and I said;

 "Do you hear that sound?  The sound is caused by the cicada, but is not the cicada itself.  It's just sound, but we hear the sound and attach a label to it (cicada) and along with the label comes all the concepts associated with the label and the mental feeling of like and dislike."

In other words, when we label the thing and start to think about it, we stop really paying full attention.