Friday, August 21, 2015

Excuses Are Like *ssholes...

They all stink!  So many people want to start training martial arts and want to achieve a high level, like a black belt, but never do.  The same goes for working out and getting fit.

I like to say "there's always a reason NOT to do something."  In other words, it's easy to look at a goal and only see the obstacles and use that as your reason to not even start.  If you want to achieve a goal, you have to flip the script, and start looking for the reasons why you SHOULD do something.

This is one of my main goals for our Tempe martial arts classes;  to establish and nurture a community of people who want to develop the best possible physical and mental version of themselves, and support the same in others.

I recently found this great video on Facebook of a man who didn't let his age become an excuse to not start training!

A common reason to not start training in martial arts is age. Len Kovar started training in his late 50s. He is now over 90, and can still hit the mitts. Be Len Kovar. From The UnderGround Training Series.
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