Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Martial Arts Myths Dispelled...

Martial arts movies are a blessing and a curse to martial arts instructors like myself. Although they keep interest in training at a school, like our school here in Tempe, Arizona fresh, new students often come with highly unrealistic ideas of what martial arts training can teach you to do.

I found this great video done by some kids in China that dispels common martial arts myths.

Movie Martial Arts VS Reality - KUNG FU FAQ #1-7Dear friends,As a martial artist, I find I am often asked the same questions over and over. I hear questions like... "Can you fly?", "How many bad guys could you take on?", "What's the best defense against an attack?", and so on... So I thought that I would create an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) video for everyone. This way the next time you hear these frequently asked questions you know where to direct them.If this compilation of FAQ answers is useful, we hope to create more. So feel free to submit questions you hear the most often and we will add it to our list!Hope you guys are well and keep training hard!Sincerely,Kung Fu FAQ TeamWritten and Produced by: Alfred Hsing (http://www.alfredrocks.com)Shot and Directed by: Van Yang (http://www.flowcs.com)Huge thanks to everyone that contributed their time and expertise to our Kung Fu FAQ!
Posted by Kung Fu Bootcamp on Thursday, April 23, 2015
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