Sunday, September 27, 2015

Chinese Martial Arts | Guan Dao - Heavy Weapons For Strength & Power

I've been finding a lot of good martial arts stuff on Facebook lately. Although this kind of strength and conditioning isn't specifically a part of the I Liq Chuan curriculum, most of the higher level guys at Falling Leaves Kung Fu practice some kind of personal conditioning routine on their own, like using kettelbells, Indian clubs and gymnastic exercises.

In the video below, a man named Luo, Dahai demonstrates using a 200 lbs Guan Dao 关刀 (pole arm), talk about ligament and tendon strength! I love seeing these old tigers still getting after it.

The Spanish text says
Luo Dahai belongs to the Hunyuan Wushu school in Shandong, Yuncheng province. He's dedicated his life to the study of traditional martial arts and specializes in the Dadao, or Guan Dao, handles 120kg without trouble at more than 60 [years old].  An expert in Shuaijiao (Chinese wrestling) and self defense.  [Actually] he studied Xingyiquan under Master Zhangping, disciple of Grand Master Zhang, Xigui.

Luo Dahai pertenece a la escuela Hunyuan Wushu, es de la provincia de Shandong, Yuncheng, se ha dedicado una vida al...
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