Thursday, December 10, 2015

Fajin Series #3 - Middle

This is the third installment in our fajin training series (click here for part one and here for part two).

Over the last few installments I've talked a bit about the ability to fajin in six directions.  Martial arts training needs to develop this kind of ability because in a fight, opponents have the nasty habit of being unpredictable, and worst of all, uncooperative.  I talked in part one about "holding on to your center" while you generate power.  This kind of skill comes from being physically neutral, or maintaining what GM Sam Chin calls "tai chi body and tai chi movement" (tai chi point is the last part of the equation btw). You could say that physically, the chamber is loaded, ready to fire. Mentally neutral maintains a state of readiness and uncertainty that allows you to pull the trigger at the right time.

In this installment, we cover a partner drill to develop and apply  short power to the middle direction, which is essentially a downward application of force (this entry continues below video).

One new element I cover in this video is developing a lot of ligament and tendon strength in the wrist and it's role in short power.  GM Sam Chin once told me "you must train your first section (the wrist) until it is stronger than your opponents 3rd section (body).  If your first section is already more powerful than their third section, what do they have left?"

Being able to generate a lot of force using only the snapping of the wrist is an important part of I Liq Chuan's overall method (don't get it twisted and think I mean that we're not using the whole body as a unit overall, simply that power from the ligaments and tendons of the wrist must be maximized).

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