Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Applications of Internal Power Workshop [Video]

I've put together a little highlights clip of the workshop we had with my senior, Alex Skalozub and some of the training we did to be able to use I Liq Chuan as a martial art.

Our Tempe, Arizona student Josh had this to say about the weekend -
" To start, the workshop was really great. Sifu Alex’s prowess in the art shows through his knowledge of the minute details that can make all the difference in what you’re doing in your own practice. I was also “warned” that Sifu Alex’s attitude is an infectious one, and he certainly gushes with enthusiasm. However, he still exhibits the tell-tale sign of a good and wise teacher by being both enthusiastic and stern with students. For me, this makes all the difference because I’m personally not looking for somebody to direct me so much as push me to my limits. Secondly, though the workshop was deemed an applications of internal power workshop, I certainly found a great deal of refinement in the basic exercises and qigong, as well as new exercises to promote further flexibility and looseness in my body. It was also a real treat to go through the workshop pushing my limits. My experience with martial arts workshops is often only going through the motions without experiencing new sensations and forms of movement, and this was quite the contrary with Sifu Alex’s workshop. He sought to bring out weakness (at least the way I saw it) and make it clear just what we each needed to work on individually.

Thank you Sifu Ashe Higgs, Sifu Alex Skalozub, and the ILC crew for making it a memorable and challenging workshop!"

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