Saturday, April 16, 2016

Product Review - Best Natural Deodorant I've Tried! [VIDEO]

While I think that 21st century peeps go overboard with heavily perfumed deodorants, followed by a gallon of Axe body spray, and then some cologne for good measure, sometimes, just "being clean" isn't enough. Particularly when you have to be in close proximity to others, as you do when you're on the mats training martial arts with a partner, or in the gym, in which case, a good deodorant is a must.

Don't let the brand name on this product fool you!

I need to deal with epic B.O. if I don't use deodorant, and I've tried many alternatives over the years with varying results, and this is far and away the best product, outside of home made which I did for awhile as well.  Since my skin is sensitive, I can't use soap under my arms in the shower either, and even if I forget to re-apply this product after my shower, it still offers protection into a second day.

Yes.  It works so well I occasionally forget I need to reapply it.

You can find the Peaceful Patchouli on Amazon below (prices are accurate as of publishing this video):

Single Roll On ($4.65) -
Two Pack ($11.80) -
Six Pack ($27.60) -

You can also search for the unscented variety which I have used as well and is equally effective.

DISCLAIMER - While I both use, and endorse this product, I am receiving no compensation from the manufacturer.  I simply believe in the product enough to recommend it to you!

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