Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Martial Arts Techniques - The Arm Drag

 What's up, YouTube. Welcome back. In this week's On The Mats I want to show you three variations of a classic grappling technique - the arm drag.

 I said I wanted to show you guys three, count 'em, three, three fingers - three variations of the arm drag. I know that commonly the arm drag is used to set up a follow-up take down, so a classic arm drag basically would be done as a cross-body arm drag. Where you're gonna grab the tricep and pull the arm across your opponent's body. 
Control the wrist, grab the tricep, pull the arm across the body.

So these are three variations of the arm drag that aren't quite strictly like a grappling or wrestling-style arm grab. From the background I train in, I Liq Chuan, we wanna try and have everything be spherical but before you can be spherical you break it down. Sphere has x, y, z - three axis (that's two axis?) so when you break things down that way you wind up with different planes - horizontal, front and saggital. I want to show you one application of arm drag from each of the different planes. Frontal is up and down, left and right. This cross-body arm drag is already frontal. As said in the beginning of the video usually an arm drag by itself is not a finishing move so you're gonna follow up with something.

Most of the time you're using the arm drag as a follow up for some kind of take down. From the arm drag, the opponent's body still turns and you can see how it affects his balance, too, we're gonna come in for some head control. We still want to control the hip and just shoot in to control the head. From here, we just follow through and they're gonna break right over. Once you get that hip control, follow through with some head control and they'll go right down. Or, from the arm drag here, you're gonna step in with your opposite leg and use the elbow, put the elbow into the collar bone to take down from there.

 The next variation that I want to talk about is sagittal. Saggital is up and down, forward and backward. On this one you need to threaten your partner's face. If you don't threaten their face, they won't.. if they're not responding to the threat you can pretty much do what you want anyway, so we're assuming that they're trying to defend themselves, in which case you want to threaten their face. There's your up. Down, you're gonna grab the tricep and step back with the body weight. And see you see from here they're off balance, lock...[push].

 The third variation that I wanna show you is horizontal. On this horizontal variation, from the outside we're gonna scoop the hand in, come up to the elbow for control, and push the arm out and away from the body. I'll show it again from this side. Pass the hand over, drag and push that arm out away from the body. When you use a little force on that, it's a nice attack to the elbow. A nice little joint lock.

 We want to build towards a progressively more free application of that so from just practicing the move a few times to get the feel of it. Now, like I said in our background, I Liq Chuan, [a lot of things we use from the spinning hands, so we're gonna start spinning and practice from there. And from spinning, more sticky. Alright, so that's it for this week's On The Mats. I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you did, go ahead and hit that subscribe button down below, or click the 'i' for other video suggestions. Thanks for watching. I'll see you next time.

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