Friday, November 30, 2018

Reframing the Story & More [Five Post Friday]

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REFRAME THE STORY We all have a running dialogue inside our heads all the time. Words help us to organize our thoughts and interpret feelings and sensations, but the stories we tell ourselves can set us up for success, or they can also hold us back and set us up for failure. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. When we continually tell ourselves stories that focus on past setbacks, we see failure everywhere. Take the example of an intense conversation: My heart is beating fast. This must mean I am about to fail again. Everyone else probably stays calm in these situations. I’m sure they all know I’m failing here. You could tell yourself an entirely different story: I can feel my heart rate is up. I'm pumped and ready to rock! Exact same scenario, but entirely different internal dialogue, and most likely will yield different real world outcomes. So how can we tell ourselves better stories?


The video below is of martial artist, and national team champion (Tae Kwon Do) Samery Moras, and her struggles with becoming a national level athlete, and how she finally overcame her struggles to qualify for the national team, and how she reframes her internal narrative when she feels like quitting. Certainly in my nearly 20 years in the martial arts, I've felt like throwing in the towel more than once myself. There's a saying in the Chinese martial arts that days something like "eat bitter to taste sweet". It means something like, if you want high level "kung fu" (skill), then you're going to have to work, and suffer for it. Sometimes these sacrifices can take place in unexpected ways, and you don't even recognize them until the weight of the years starts to pile up and you look back at all the things you didn't do to get where you're at today. Thrive Market


My I Liq Chuan brothers and sisters from Moscow recently traveled to Taiwan to compete in a large international kung fu and tai chi tournament. While there, my senior brother Alex Skalozub did some push hands with many of the other Tai Chi masters present. Over the last 20 years, I Liq Chuan has gone from an obscure family martial art style, to gaining an international reputation for turning out highly skilled students. As you can see from the video below, Alex has a tremendous level of skill after training with Grandmaster Sam FS Chin for so many years.


The latest episode of the embodiedMIND podcast with Prince Bell and myself. This week's episode we take a run at the topic of GMOs. Genetically Modified Organisms have been a controversial subject, and Prince and I do our best to tackle this complex topic from different points of view. Complete coaching for MIND & BODY. ● Nutrition ● Mindfulness ● Martial Arts ● Start your two week trial today - Classes held in Tempe, AZ and workshops worldwide.

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