Sunday, November 04, 2018

Falling Leaves Kung Fu Weekly Round Up 04 NOV 2018



Lean mass favors protein. More protein in your diet will lead to better all around body composition (more muscle, less fat)! If you're getting older, and your weight is becoming an issue with your martial arts practice, focusing on including more protein in your diet (and less refined carbohydrates) can be very beneficial.
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Lean mass favors protein. The results of recent research shows improvements in body comp, and no risk to bone mineral density, kidney health, etc. Not everybody needs to go #keto, but most Westerners, particularly of Euro decent, could do with a lot more protein and less carbohydrate in their diets. @Regran_ed from @thealanaragon - Protein has been the most revered macronutrient, but it also has carried its share of persistent mythology. Thanks to the recent battery of studies by Jose Antonio (@the_issn), Anya Ellerbroek (@anyaelle), et al, several long-standing protein myths have been slayed. Daily intakes at roughly 3-4 times the RDA have failed to show harm in a range of health markers (including those of liver, kidney, and bone). - Interestingly, increased protein intakes tend to not result in fat gain in resistance trainees (in fact, the opposite has been seen). This is potentially due to increased satiety, thermic output, and a certain degree of misreporting. - It’s good to know that the body is quite adept at handling high protein intakes safely - at least in healthy subjects without preexisting kidney disease. Furthermore, the “disappearance” of extra protein has interesting applications for dieters seeking to control appetite while minimizing threats to the caloric deficit. - #science #research #evidence #brotein #mythsdiehere - #regrann

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My martial arts brothers and sisters from Moscow performing a demo in Taipei last weekend. So proud of my kung fu family!


A post from my friends over at Power Speed Endurance on the neurological connection between the breath and the brain. If you're looking for a little bit of the science behind why you should be practicing your qigong / pranayama it's about three minutes long.


Our most recent episode of the embodiedMIND podcast with my partner Prince Bell from Golden Bell Training. Falling Leaves Kung Fu is the ONLY source of I Liq Chuan - The Martial Art of Awareness in Tempe, AZ. ● Nutrition ● Mindfulness ● Martial Arts ● Staying strong over 40. Check out our coaching programs for men, or women and find your inner power💥✨! Classes held in Tempe, AZ and workshops worldwide.

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