Monday, November 19, 2018

Tai Chi Low Stances For Leg Strength & More 19 NOV 18 Weekly Roundup



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 Another study recently confirmed the importance of strength in regards to aging. This is especially true when it comes to the lower body. The strength and mobility of the legs allows us to get up and down unassisted in later life. In the clip below, we see Master Jia Anshu demonstrate incredible lower body stability and mobility. Unfortunately, most schools of tai chi do not practice this way. Many studies have shown that regular practice of tai chi can help prevent falls, and improve bone density in seniors, the improvements were modest. Practicing with an emphasis on lower stances could potentially yield a larger return on investment, particularly if training began before old age, and persisted over time.





 I really enjoyed this episode of the Paleo Solution with Mark Bell. Mark is a world class power lifting coach, but what I found most intriguing were Mark's comments on the value of slow movements (also a cornerstone of the internal martial arts), the need to put in quality work, and how training should not be an event.

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