Thursday, November 05, 2020

Circle To Center - Weekly I Liq Chuan Online Class Highlights

Ninety degrees is the maximum angle for control.  This is the quality of "circle to center" that we talk about in I Liq Chuan.

The rotation of the radius and ulna is an important quality to look into for being able to maintain circle to center. 

If the rotation is off, you'll miss then center and you'll be losing power and control; you're point of contact will be slipping off because it's not direct. 

Matching the rotation of the radius and ulna is also an import skill for I Liq Chuan's sticky hand training; matching the rotation allows you to maintain a flat point of contact. A flat point means the opponent has no pivot point. Without a pivot point, you can change. A pivot point is "yin/yang" or full and empty at the point. 

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