Thursday, March 11, 2021

How To Breathe During A Fight

every boxer every kickboxer every fighter you'll hear them like is exhale, exhale, exhale right with that movement

so there's a couple of different things to consider here on this breathing

for one because at this level when we're doing the movement we're looking at relaxation

if you breathe out more, when you focus on the exhale you're stimulating the parasympathetic [branch of the] nervous system in other words, you're stimulating... you're using the breathing to stimulate a "rest and digest" state anytime you're focusing on your exhale

longer than inhale...

it's more relaxing. Once the intensity gets higher and faster like when we're actually moving like some sticky hand with a partner or we're doing some sparring or something and that's usually what you'll hear: like just even like every boxer every kickboxer, every... every fighter you'll hear them like is exhale, exhale, exhale right with that movement by focusing on the exhale uh if you breathe OUT the [negative] pressure will automatically help you to breathe in but if you focus on breathing in when you're under stress

you might, like if you only focus on the inhale under stress that's when you'll start holding your breath. If you breathe in you don't necessarily breathe back out but if you breathe out your body will just as a reflex will breathe in. So we're always focusing on that like "exhale! exhale! exhale!" right or even from here like relaxation, it's like

inhale exhale inhale exhale so when we do the alternating movements you can use the open and close as your chance for the inhale because I have like one that's like one one absorb one project from here right but with uh with a partner so where... where do you inhale exhale? well if i have a partner and we're working on... I'm trying to create force pressure here pressure here it could be pressure here it could be pressure here yin or yang can be pressure like force so then it's like exhale exhale either i have one pull one push just exhale right and then i breathe exhale release inhale breathe exhale

release like square back to neutral inhale

so you see it's more of like quick inhale exhale and you're breathing out out out when you square to neutral just release let the pressure but the pressure just help you breathe it because you're breathing out changing the pressure you release there's a vacuum you breathe in breathe out creating