Wednesday, April 07, 2021

The Secrets of I Liq Chuan Spinning Hands - From Small To Big


So when we're out here, right, and the contact is the wrist over the wrist then I give this close, close, and then your turn, and he gives close, close. So then this spin is a little bit smaller. 

Alright, and now we come up to here. So we're doing like second section contact: spin, I give close, close. And then your turn. Close, close. See how much bigger the spin gets already? close. Close. Close, close. 

And then now if we come up to here. So now this one is going to be like really only one person can maintain contact, like we can't spin from here, and both of us have the wrist in contact from because now right? this first section, wrist over the wrist. As the contact comes up to here for Aenakin, it's still first section, but for me, because it's it's off the wrist, this for me is already second section contact. 

If we come up to here, now at second section, the second section. If we come up to here, it's third section. Now, unless we're like here, like when we get to grappling. Now from grappling, this is third section to third section (contact), right? 

But just spin from here because we can have this. So first section to my third section because it's above my elbow. Anything past my elbow, we call it third section. So then we're going to be spinning from here this is going to be like in order to maintain the fullness and because I have to get close close. 

So it's still the same thing, right like let's turn this way a little bit. Because I'm outside I still have to close in so as closing, I still have to give close, close. Just like out here close, close. If I'm here, close, close. And then if I'm here it's close close to maintain the fullness at the point of contact, right so then I come here close close. This boom, boom. Now it's your turn. Remember, you can't maintain this contact you have to come down here like this. Like that. Yeah, like this. And then you see like when we're... "boom" when we do this spin now, like how big there's no way for us to spin only this small, like the spin has to be this big.

Like that.

So but do you guys See, like the difference of how of how big the spin gets... depending on where the point of contact is? You see, there's no way to spin small, that small from from this point of contact and be able to maintain the fullness.