Introduction to Falling Leaves Kung Fu in Tempe, Arizona

A Complete Art For Body & Mind

Falling Leaves Kung Fu in Tempe, Arizona currently operates as a private club, offering semi-private instruction to small groups in the martial art of I Liq Chuan.
We are the source for the most comprehensive Tai Chi - Kung Fu program in the East Valley / Phoenix Metro area..
Our style of Tai Chi - Kung Fu, called I Liq Chuan is a fluid, powerful style of martial arts, that teaches you to flow with your opponent, flowing smoothly with their attacks, and to overcome them not with brute strength, but with timing and optimum posture and positioning.
Based on Tai Chi principles and Zen philosophy, many people enjoy training our martial art simply for fun, stress relief and meditation.

Falling Leaves Kung Fu was founded in 2005 after Ashe received his teachers certificate from Master Sam FS Chin, the world wide head instructor of I Liq Chuan, the style of Tai Chi - Kung Fu taught in our martial arts classes.
I Liq Chuan is a soft, yet powerful martial art that uses fluid circular movements. By following Tai Chi and Zen principles, it teaches one to flow smoothly with an opponent as opposed to using brute force.
Master Chin often says of his family's martial art "When you flow you should have the quality of merging, of non-resistance and non-separation. Like water. Where there's a gap you simply flow in. Practically speaking, I don't defeat you, you defeat yourself."
Because I Liq Chuan is a martial art based on Tai Chi principles, people of all backgrounds have found that it's something they love to do!
The soft, flowing basic exercises help improve posture, coordination and balance with little risk of damaging the joints or other injury.
Zen mindfulness and meditation training helps reduce stress, improve relaxation and can be beneficial for conditions like high blood pressure.
Safe, controlled partner exercises teach self defense skill in a fun, exciting way while improving self confidence, concentration and stamina.

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